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Twisted Destiny by Kathryn Heaney

An absorbing, whimsical read…

Heaney takes her The Anandrian Series to the next level with this taut, engrossing installment that focuses on the protagonists’ struggle to come to terms with their new reality. Magic in Anandria has gone bad, separating families, friends, and lovers. Torn apart from her husband Raonull, Ella has finally discovered her fairy heritage and her true destiny. Stuck on Earth, Raonull is looking to gain entry into Anandria once again and reunite with his wife Ella. Meanwhile, Jeff is shocked to discover grim details about his own self while Michael takes on a heavenly role, and Laura is still trapped in a coma. Will Anandria opens its doors to Earth or stays trapped within its own magic. In a clear, crisp prose, Heaney delves into her characters’ inner psyche and explores their struggles with age-old questions of right and wrong. There is a large cast of characters, with their individual stories stretching into multiple plotlines. But Heaney deftly weaves all the disparate plot threads into a compelling whole. The individual drama surrounding Ella, Raonull, Jeff, Paul, Michael, and others pales against Jessica’s struggle with the lure of Light and Dark magics: the question of choosing between good and evil becomes murkier and disturbing as the story progresses. The well-crafted narrative moves quickly and convincingly toward an unexpected, satisfying conclusion that guarantees another installment.  And while the ending leaves some questions unanswered, Heaney’s expert exploration of love, family bonds and friendship, duty, responsibility, trust, self-realization, identity, and power struggle within and with outside forces will delight fantasy lovers. 

Twisted Destiny 

By Kathryn Heaney

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Tellwell Talent

Pub date November 4, 2021

ISBN 9780228863052

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.01 Kindle edition


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