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Airborne: A Story Book that wants to fly by Heiner Thiessen

Delightful and thoroughly absorbing…

Thiessen beautifully brings to life the courageous people throughout history who dared to go where no one had gone before in this entertaining story book. United by the common theme of the resilience of the human spirit, courage, and determination, the book contains stories of the courageous heroes who forged new frontiers across lands and skies and changed the world while inspiring generations. Thiessen includes not only some of the most famous journeys in history (the tale of the brothers Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier, who staged the first demonstration of a passenger flight in a hot air balloon from the Royal Gardens of Versailles in 1783, which was witnessed by King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette) but also retells the adventures of flying enthusiasts from myth and folklore: Hermes and Pegasus, Icarus, the Brothers Montgolfier, the Little Prince, Manu and the Nymph, and his own granddaughters. The book not only teaches young readers about the humble beginnings of air travel but also carries messages of bravery, intelligence, and fortitude in the face of adversity. Thiessen’s prose is age-appropriate, and the colorful photographs that accompany the text beautifully move the stories forward. Young readers will be delighted.

Airborne: A Story Book that wants to fly

By Heiner Thiessen

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Pub date September 2, 2021

ISBN 979-8595011297

Price £16.99 Paperback

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