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Boca by Moonlight by Brad Graber

A simply riveting read from cover to cover…

A lonely widower learns the meaning of relationships and family in Graber’s latest page-turning novel. Struggling with the unexpected death of his decades-old wife, George Elden is barely going through the motions. When his close friend Willy dies, no one from the dead man’s family shows up for the funeral. George is caught off guard, but he is determined to find the truth, unaware his own life is about to take a new turn. Graber deftly portrays the bond between the longtime friends, complete with their inner turmoil and tension, against a background of palpable affection. There is a lot going on in the protagonists’ lives, and Graber successfully sustains continuing suspense throughout that eventually builds to a shocking, satisfying finale. This is a story with psychological meat, and fully fleshed-out characters, tight plotting, and the lack of unnecessary melodrama make this a refreshing tale of friendship and family ties. Readers who appreciate a slow burn with ample psychological depth will be gratified. Graber deserves wide readership.

Boca by Moonlight

A Funeral. Three Friends. Starting Over.

By Brad Graber

Dark Victory Press

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Pub date November 8, 2021

ISBN 978-0997604269

Price $17.99 (USD) Paperback, $7.80 Kindle edition

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