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Outfection by Craig Stucko

A well-crafted, compelling, and wonderfully twisty SF thriller…

Stucko’s latest book is an action-driven SF tale anchored by dynamic, deep characters, original premise, and tight plotting. A secret power that allows John Thimes to defy the odds and pull people back from the brink, puts him face to face with the world’s most powerful syndicates who would go to any length to realize their ulterior motive. When John falls in love with the beautiful Emily Bronson, things begin to unravel at a quick pace. It’s up to the pair to save the fate of humanity. This subtle, densely textured SF thriller is stuffed with relentless twists and shocking revelations. The characters are sympathetically drawn, with John and Emily getting major focus, and their attempts to move ahead while reckoning with their ongoing turmoil urges readers to root for them. Stucko is as interested in creating dangers for his protagonist (beneath the layers of deep bureaucratic deviousness, Stucko’s protagonists are deeply human; they live and love) as he is in exploring the ethical dilemmas of ambiguous medical situations, particularly, the ethical issues relating to genetic research and discoveries. And though some of the writing succumbs to lengthy passages describing the protagonists’ everyday goings, the story of resilience, love, loyalties, shifting allegiances, compromised principles and human passions is both utterly engrossing and thought-provoking. A deeply satisfying novel about deeply human people who just happen to be victims or saviors, or both at once. Lovers of literary SF will be gratified.


By Craig Stucko

Balboa Press

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Pub date April 6, 2020

ISBN 978-1982243999

Price $2899 (USD) Paperback, $40.91 Hardcover, $5.41 Kindle edition

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