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One Winter’s Kiss: A Beautiful Nightmare Story by L.C. Son

Stunning and provocative…

In this standalone Beautiful Nightmare Story, Son skillfully combines a satisfying romance with vivid detail and relentless twists, knit together by fantastical supernatural intrigue. Winter is excited as it’s Elysian Manor’s turn to host the Supernatural Regency for their annual cotillion: the one time in many years when a faction of human nobles, vampires, wolves and more come together to share in one common goal, civility. But Winter’s forbidden love with the charismatic Lux gets in the path of the Regency’s goal. Will the lovers unite? Son’s supernatural setting is atmospheric, and the diversity of the people who inhabit it—human nobles, vampires, wolves, changelings among others and their various supernatural abilities, identities, and psychological burdens—is refreshingly original. The narration is split between the lead pair. Both Lux and Winter’s first-person voices are compelling and intimate, accentuating the smooth pace of the story, and their instant-romance is convincing. On the surface, the novel seems like a regular romance. But there are multiple subplots exploring the characters’ backstories, motivations and wants, providing the story both depth and substance. There is plenty of action, conflict, and romantic tension to make for a propulsive plot, but much more impressive is Son’s characterization: the dashing Lux is thoroughly endearing, and the headstrong, indomitable Winter remains an irresistible heroine. The rollicking pace, swiftly developing stakes, and delicious romantic tension between Winter and Lux keep the pages flying. A sexy, fun, fast-paced happily-ever-after that paranormal romance fans will gobble up.

One Winter’s Kiss: A Beautiful Nightmare Story

By L.C. Son

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Pub date December 10, 2021

ISBN 978-1733650380

Price $18.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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