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FALL ON ME by Penelope Potts

A poignant romance full of heart…

Potts tugs at readers’ hearts with this touching story of one young woman’s journey to find love and happiness. When Hollie, a university student working part-time at the local diner, meets Marcus, it’s love at first sight. On the surface, Marcus is a wonderful partner who loves taking care of her lady love. But as time passes, Marcus’s true nature begins to unravel: he is controlling, violent, and deeply manipulative. Struggling to understand Alex’s duplicity, Hollie finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship. When the handsome Samson moves next door, he immediately knows something is amiss. A violent incident forces Samson to take things in his own hands, and he gets Hollie out. But Marcus is not someone who will take his insult easily. Samson’s full-fledged sincerity bounces efficiently off Hollie’s cautious reserve, bringing out different sides of both their personalities. His gentlemanly, caring facade conceals hidden depths and passions. His warm, sensitive nature, his dynamic with his family, particularly with his step-father make him emerge as a thoroughly rounded protagonist. Hollie is a believable and sympathetic protagonist. It is easy to see why she’s wary of falling in love with Samson at first. Potts leads Hollie to a deeper understanding of herself through her negotiation with the beautifully steady and warmly generous Samson. As their relationship proceeds, the emotional stakes rise, creating a love story that keeps the pages flying. The romance between Hollie and Samson is charming and well-developed. Samson is a good match for Hollie, and readers will root for them. While the connection between the duo takes center stage, Potts tackles complex themes of physical and emotional violence, relationship intricacies, self-doubt, pain, trauma, understanding, trust, and what it means to love truly and wholly with skill and heart. The narrative is smooth and the pacing measured. The dialogue is sharp, and Potts tackles Hollie’s troubled relationship with Marcus with understanding and empathy. There is instant chemistry, poignant emotion, and delicious romantic tension. But there is also intense soul-searching: What does it mean to love someone with all your heart? What does it mean to truly accept someone for who they are? The major conflict in the story (toward the ending) feels completely organic to Hollie’s personality and beliefs. This moving, engaging romance is likely to appeal to all romance readers.


By Penelope Potts

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Pub date September 13, 2021

ISBN 979-8476252870

Price $12.44 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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