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Sam the Chosen by Wally Jones

A tense tale with a strong sense of place…

Jones’s debut takes readers on one woman’s journey to find her place in a chaotic world. The horrific and unprecedented 28-days attack on the global population has brought chaos in its wake, with the death toll reaching eight million. Now the attacks have stopped. Samantha, the second-grade school teacher, plans a hiking and camping trip with her family, trying to find a bit of normalcy, but a brutal attack changes everything. Crafted with imagination and skill, the fantasy world that Jones creates is a multilayered, fascinating landscape. He does an excellent job of propelling Sam’s quest along while at the same time venturing into the backstory of the ancient lycanthrope race and the high council’s efforts to look for a solution. Though the narrative moves toward the hefty verbose explanation at times, slowing the flow of the story, Jones’s skill at depicting profound emotions and his ability to portray the dark and the twisted make up for any inconsistencies. Cleverly written with believable characters, a fascinating setting, and intriguing premise, this is a must-read fantasy tale.

Sam the Chosen

By Wally Jones

Koehler Books

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Pub date November 16, 2021

ISBN 978-1646634545 Price $19.95 (USD) Paperback, $29.95 Hardcover, $6.27 Kindle edition

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