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‘Twas the Night: Christmas dream-like story (2GETHER picture book collection) by Marin Darmonkow

A wordless picture book told with a winning simplicity…

Darmonkow relies on pictures to tells the story of a young boy and an injured dove in his engaging installment in the 2GETHER picture book collection series. Using dark washes and solid colors applied in broad brushstrokes, the book follows a young boy in a wheelchair and an injured white dove on a sidewalk whom he brings home to look after. As the boy tends to the dove’s injuries, he forms a cozy bond of friendship with it. Even very young viewers will feel the young boy’s emotions of pain, tenderness, compassion, happiness, and joy as the dove heals and flies back to its home. The ending is heartfelt, highlighting the boy’s dream of getting over his disability. This quiet book that encourages young viewers to apply their own imagination and interpret the characters’ emotions is a little picture-book gem. Parents of young babies and toddlers looking for books about dreams, kindness, empathy, and animal love should grab a copy immediately.

‘Twas the Night: Christmas dream-like story

(2GETHER picture book collection)

By Marin Darmonkow

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Pub date January 16, 2021

ISBN 978-1775378792

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.38 Kindle edition

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