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What It Means to Be Me by Danielle Falk

A well-crafted, innovative book with emotional resonance…

Falk makes her debut in children’s fiction with this engaging tale of individuality and self-worth. There are children of different races, genders, and physical attributes enjoying their own uniqueness while learning to appreciate the differences that set others apart from their own individual selves. Falk chooses rhyming verse and mostly clear language (there are a few exceptions where language is a bit advanced for the suggested reader group) to depict different children taking pride in their individuality. Details like the inclusiveness of various animals are fun touches. The illustrations are personality-laden, vibrant, and utterly cool, and their richness and detail add extra layers to the storyline while enhancing the visual factor. Perfect for read-aloud, the book shows youngsters that everyone’s story matters and being accepting and understanding is as important as celebrating one’s own distinctiveness. Engaging, rewarding, and poignant, this is a fun read all the way through.

What It Means to Be Me

by Danielle Falk

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Pub date August 22, 2021

ISBN 978-0228851226

Price $22.50 (USD) Hardcover, $15.50 Paperback, $3.50 Kindle edition

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