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The Promise (Lovecarnation #1) by RKC Puthran


Thoroughly engrossing and moving…

Sometimes it takes a touch of love to bring a man out of his comfort zone. That’s what happens with Rohan Rai after he meets lovely Shona. A work interaction that slowly blossoms into love transforms Rohan from a smug workaholic into a warm, considerate person. But before the lovers unite, the fate has some other plans. RKC writes with honesty and in a clear prose, and his characters are well-drawn. He incorporates humdrum of corporate world into the story without losing his focus on the book’s theme: melancholic love, and it’s his inclusion of practicality (the drab everyday routine of business world), which makes the story tender and highly effective. The reader will look forward to the second installment in Lovecarnation trilogy.

The Promise (Lovecarnation #1)

by RKC Puthran

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Shining Universe Energy Books

PUB DATE May 19, 2019

ISBN 9781916008113

PRICE $14.99 (USD)

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