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Bosco and the Bees by Cat Ritchie

Authentic, relevant, and utterly immersive…

Ritchie’s immersive debut blends a hefty dose of magic and intrigue with adolescent dilemma to create a solid fairy story. Bosco, a young fairy, is content living in the mountains of the Continental Divide. But being born under the Fairy Queen’s edict means Bosco must declare his chosen life’s path by the time he turns ten or risk entering five years of servitude and mentoring in the Queen’s distant court, away from his family and beloved mountains. Will Bosco find his life path? The realistic portrayal of Bosco’s dilemma over his career choices, the intriguing world of fairies and bees, and intricate individual drama add to depth and substance while the entertaining storyline, fast-paced action, and expert pacing keep the pages flying. Bosco’s sympathetic, reflective nature makes him a memorable hero, and his ability to look into odd situations with clarity and perception makes him all the more endearing as the young fairy. Other characters, be it major or minor, are fully rounded. The worldbuilding is rich, integrating affirmative, eco-conscious messages into the landscapes and cultures of both Fairy Land and Queen bee’s hive. Ritchie’s assured prose and directive messaging will be most appropriate for both middle graders and readers at the younger end of the YA range. With its fully realized setting, an array of entertaining characters, and a lovable young protagonist readers will root for and sympathize with, the novel makes for good, solid fantasy fun. Readers will yearn for more of Bosco’s adventures.

Bosco and the Bees

By Cat Ritchie

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Pub date January 15, 2021

ISBN 978-1649219299

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $7.11 Kindle edition

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