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The Other Computer History by Hans Bodmer

A passionate, engrossing, and detailed guide…

Bodmer writes a lively account of his own experience from the very early days of computer evolution in his debut. He vigorously and lucidly details the initial days of computer science, his first job as a data transmission device mechanic in Swiss Army Air Force and later as a programmer in Zurich, and his time in Paris, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Along the way, he covers the beginning of the computer era (the term ‘computer’ was vaguely used and they were called electronic data processing machines instead.), to the famous disc storage unit CDC 6603, the Supercomputer, its architecture and hardware, to the introduction of software and networks. He writes in engaging prose and is excellent when it comes to explaining many detailed technical descriptions. Bodmer’s individual stories are deeply engaging, and the accompanied pictures beautifully detail all kinds of old electronic devices. Readers curious about the early days of computer technology will find The Other Computer History a doggedly cleareyed guide to computer’s history.

The Other Computer History

Amazing, amusing and experienced stories about the Computer science from 1959-2004

By Hans Bodmer

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Pub date September 6, 2021

ISBN 978-3754344651

Price $35.50 (USD) Paperback

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