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Discovering twins: A Journey into Lives by Stella Ter Hart

Emotionally charged and beautifully written… A page-turner.

Ms. ter Hart debuts with this expansive, eloquent tale depicting the horrors of the Holocaust as she sets out to uncover her family’s history in Holland. ter Hart, who never fully understood why her mother becomes suddenly distraught in her later years, begins to suspect that the latter is keeping some terrible secrets. After her mother’s death, she begins to look into her family history, unaware of the tragic story she is about to unearth. The fictional narrative detailing Sophia’s childhood and teen years in Holland, combined with evocative writing and keen insight, keeps the story engaging. ter Hart skillfully shifts the narrative between the past and the present, revealing the family’s tragic past while balancing the horrors of war against genuine delights, and delivers a meticulously researched tale. She examines the matters of racism, hate and violence against humanity, cruelty, and questions of faith and identity with precision and skill. A riveting and often brutal tale of the horrors of the Holocaust with family and relationships at its core, this is a winner.

Discovering twins

A Journey into Lives

By Stella Ter Hart

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Pub date July 27, 2021

ISBN 978-1777510800

Price $8.54 (USD) Paperback, $5.84 Kindle edition

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