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The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Michie: Love at First Bite by Michelle Crichton (Author), I Cenizal (Illustrator)

Brilliantly subtle and spot-on… A charming early read.

Crichton’s latest is a charming story about acceptance, understanding, compassion, and pet ownership. Kind and caring, Michie has always dreamt about owning a pet of her own. When she sees Vylette bunny in a pet store, Michie’s dream becomes a reality. But being a bunny, Vylette loves to nibble. Soon, there are chaos in the house that Vylette’s chewing brings in. Michie must find a way to handle Vylette’s nibbling. Crichton combines fact, fiction, and plenty of bunny-ownership tips. The text is accessible yet aptly complex for early readers, and there is humor, wit, emotions, and touching moments. Michie and Vylette’s story also provides guidance to aspiring pet owners about the ups and downs of pet ownership. Vylette’s (mis)adventures will have young readers giggling with delight. Crichton’s gentle humor and expert narrative should prove effective as both story and reading lesson. Elegant and entirely satisfying, this is a must-have for early readers.

The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Michie: Love at First Bite

By Michelle Crichton (Author), I Cenizal (Illustrator)

Tellwell Talent

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Pub date June 30, 2021

ISBN 978-0228851356

Price $6.99 (USD) Paperback, $16.00 Hardcover, $3.92 Kindle edition

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