The Ashes of Madonna 13 (The Last Nevergate Chronicles Book 4) by E. T. Ellison

A gripping page-turner with an exceptionally fleshed-out world…

Set in a magnificent SF/fantasy world, Ellison’s spellbinding latest in The Nevergate Chronicles thrusts its characters into turmoil by an invasion of deadly foes. The residents of the pacifist IsoTown of St Coriander are bracing themselves for another attack, this time by a pair of treacherous flying enemies. But with both enemies wanting the same prize, St Coriander is stuck in a deadly crossfire. How will it fair?  Electrifying and fantastical, this richly layered yarn is liberally sprinkled with pulse-pounding action, sparkling humor, wit, and sharp dialogue. The narrative unfolds at a swift pace, swelling with tension at each new revelation. The winding plot makes plenty of deviations, the prose is sure-footed, and a late twist successfully sets the stage for the next installment. This electrifying combo of SF, fantasy, and action should especially appeal to readers of action-adventure science fiction fans.

The Ashes of Madonna 13

(The Last Nevergate Chronicles Book 4)

By E. T. Ellison

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Pub date May 6, 2020


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