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The Addiction Manifesto by Jerry Weaver

Intimate and insightful…  An intricately rendered compendium.

In this intimate, engrossing work, Weaver, an army veteran and person in long-term recovery, opens with a candid account of his own addiction, delivering an immersive experience to readers. In straightforward prose, Weaver documents his own journey of addiction and subsequent recovery as he battled isolation, exhaustion, helplessness, and despair. In addition to examining the effects of substance abuse, he gently lays out the individual, familial, and societal pressures that can result in toxic stress, leading to a person getting entangled into the never-ending cycle of substance abuse and addiction. He emphasizes the importance of will, determination, self-belief, and keeping open clear lines of communication in the fight to prevent addiction. In addition, he underscores the significance of avoiding denial and finding an anchoring support group in close friends and family. Heartbreaking yet inspiring, Weaver’s affecting account is an excellent helpful resource for anyone navigating the choppy waters of recovery within a familial network.

The Addiction Manifesto

By Jerry Weaver

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Pub date April 7, 2018

ISBN 978-1980723868

Price $12.77 (USD) Paperback, $1.35 Kindle edition

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