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Enemy Patriots: A Unique World War II Story of Love, Loyalty, Courage and Brotherhood by Rodger Carlyle

Intense and intimate… A fast-paced historical thriller.

Carlyle’s latest is a richly evoked story of friendship, love, trauma, loyalty, and brotherhood. With his family imprisoned on a visit to Japan, Mark Ishihara has no option but to accept spying for Japan as the Japanese prepare for their seizing of American territory. Mark’s blood brother, U.S. Army pilot Chad Gritt is sent to the same place as part of a secret American intelligence group. Forever tied by a terrible accident that killed each of their brothers, Mark and Chad find their friendship and loyalties tested as war slams into the North Pacific. The novel is fast-paced, humane, and full of profound philosophical questions and observations. Carlyle’s voice is distinct, and his sharp insights and keen observations bring both character and setting to life. The book’s focus stays on individual struggles and trauma as he explores the resilience of the human soul and humanity’s ability to move forward in the face of tragic loss. Well-constructed and vivid segments are interspersed detailing the friends’ backstories as they struggle to come to terms with their individual burdens: the defining loss in the past has left Chad a recluse; Mark has become the life of the party. Along the way, Carlyle fills in the dark and complicated history of the era. Carlyle’s storytelling is expert, and the intriguing, original concept makes for extra plus points. Written with beauty and conviction, this transporting drama of friendship and love is steeped in intrigue. A finely constructed page-turner that fans of historical thrillers can pick without thinking twice. Highly recommended!

Enemy Patriots

A Unique World War II Story of Love, Loyalty, Courage and Brotherhood

By Rodger Carlyle

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Pub date May 30, 2021

ISBN 978-1736007419

Price $12.49 (USD) Paperback, $4.37 Kindle edition

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