STELLA’S UMBRELLAS by Julie Reed (Author), Nataliya Chervochkova (Illustrator)

Deliciously readable… A fun romp through and through.

Addictive rhyming, high energy, and a dash of magic mark award-winning Reed’s fantastical latest picture book. Charming and fun, little Stella makes for a striking figure everywhere she goes. The reason: she carries an umbrella with her all the time. While other children are curious about Stella’s many umbrellas, Stella knows she cannot disclose the fact that her umbrellas have magic. But that doesn’t stop her from helping others when in need. Reed has a way with words; her rhyming is fun and her language age-appropriate, with pleasing alliteration. (“The one with the ruffles can make you feel silly/ Some have pom-poms, ribbons, and bows that are frilly”) The little Stella, with her wild hair, feisty attitude, and playful, helping nature make for an adorable protagonist. With lightness and verve, Reed explores weighty subjects of bullying, understanding, compassion, and consideration in a way that will resonate with any youngster. The rip-roaring, fun narrative is sure to elicit giggles. Delightfully fancy and engaging, Nataliya Chervochkova’s bright illustrations bring young Stella alive while propelling the story forward. This sweet and goofy read is a must-have for nursery bookshelves.


By Julie Reed (Author), Nataliya Chervochkova (Illustrator)

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Adelaide Books Publisher

ISBN 9781955196505

Pub date July 28, 2021

Age group 3-5

Price $17.60 (USD) Hardcover, $7.99 eBook

Categories: Children's Fiction

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