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Clean Sweep: A Novel by E. B. Lee

A subtle, gripping, and haunting tale…

With homelessness at its heart, Lee’s absorbing debut explores grief, tragedy, past trauma, human connection, and the power of compassion, understanding, and giving. After earning billions from her ad agency, Carli Morris is looking forward to a quiet retirement. But a volunteer job at her local church brings Carli face to face with the city’s most vulnerable: the homeless population. As Carli throws herself into her new work, she realizes there’s more to people than it appears on the surface. The book’s pacing is smooth and the prose elegant, but it’s characterization at which Lee truly excels. Through her characters’ stories, Lee shows how easy it is to become caught in a web of desolation and depression and give up on all that life has to offer. At its heart, this is a remarkable story in which the cruelties of fate are unable to erase the glories of human connection and the memories it leaves behind. Utterly moving and engrossing, this literary tale makes for a winner.

Clean Sweep: A Novel

By E. B. Lee

Little Brown Dog Press

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Pub date June 13, 2021

ISBN ‎ 978-1736456019

Price $15.99 (USD) Paperback, $26.99 Hardcover, $3.19 Kindle edition

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