The Gathering: The Quest for the Steel by Paul Hacker

An enchanting page-turner…

Hacker offers up a resourceful, fearless hero and a memorable cast of humans, elves, goblins, dwarves, and trolls set against the backdrop of a devastating conflict in his engrossing debut installment in The Gathering series. Evil is lurking in the shadows. The Gallen Heart Knights are annihilated one by one, leaving the lands in peril. With all but one of the enchanted swords of the Gallen Heart knights under the fortified control of the immoral king of Gallen Rose, it is up to sixteen-year-old Rondo Ironson to protect the magical sword and save the lands. Hacker skillfully misdirects readers with expertly plotted detours, and new revelations keep the pages turning. This is the first title in the series, but Hacker lays out lots of groundwork and successfully balances resolving some threads while leaving enough to make readers eager for the next in the series. Featuring fully fleshed-out characters, intriguing storyline, and an intricate plot unwinding at a lightning speed, this high-spirited, exciting YA fantasy makes for a page-turner.

The Gathering: The Quest for the Steel

By Paul Hacker

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Pub date July 16, 2019

ISBN 978-1796045970

Price $45.64 (USD) Paperback, $29.99 Hardcover

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