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The Necklace III: London, July 1967 by Linda S Rice

A seductively readable, sizzling romance…

Rice’s deliciously erotic third instalment in The Necklace series skillfuly balances friendship and tender love with tantalizing sex. After her harrowing escape the last time, James has become an almost fading memory for the troubled Susan. But when she learns about her husband Donald’s extramarital affair with a woman five-year older than herself, she is beyond consoling. Vulnerable, Susan begins to toy with the idea of going into the past and visiting James once again. Will she rekindle her love with James and remain in the past or return to Donald and save her marriage? After the initial conflict, this steamy romance gains momentum. Rice’s realistic characters and expert plotting capture the complexity and intrigue of the time travel, the tenderness as well passion of romance, the difficulty of navigating in 1960’s misogynist world, and the courage that comes from loving someone deeply. Susan, with her endearing vulnerability emerges as a deeply fleshed-out character, as does the conflicted and passionate James. Joy and Alice hold on their own. The secondary characters are equally convincing. But the best thing about Rice’s writing is the effortless way she incorporates Susan and James’s tender bond into the erotic theme centered around the steamy, passionate sex. The scorching hot sex scenes are crafted with panache, keeping the reader thoroughly invested in the story. There are numerous mini subplots with secondary characters’ storylines, and Rice handles all the intricate plot threads with aplomb. Readers will devour the twists, intrigue, triumphs, and occasional failures of the endearing pair of Susan and James. With the couple’s poignant romance at heart, Rice tackles a multitude of themes such as infidelity, teenage and young adult drama, love, marriage, relationships, friendship, misogyny, and the bias and disdain that women faced in general during the era among others. With insight and sensitivity, Rice explores decades-old social ethics and challenges that are relevant even in today’s advanced world. Though it is the third in the series, new readers can jump right in, though those familiar with the first two installments will enjoy several subtle touches throughout the book. This is a complex and engaging story, rich both with sizzling sex and moments of tender romance. With its blisteringly hot sex scenes, lush imagery, and vivid characterization, the novel is sure to please readers who enjoy vividly constructed and richly detailed romance.

The Necklace III: London, July 1967 

By Linda S Rice

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Pub date April 13, 2015

ISBN 978-1508886228

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $1.00 Kindle edition

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