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Nearing Dawn (The Eternal Dawn Trilogy Book 2) by Elizabeth Montaño

Taut and compelling…

Intriguing characters and a fast-moving plot that builds to an exhilarating ending mark this engrossing second installment in The Eternal Dawn Trilogy from Montaño. Falling in love with a mortal was never in plan for the lovely, fierce Amy. But when she meets Tanner, the spark flies immediately. However, Tanner hates Amy’s kinds: the immortal vampires from an alien planet. But more than that he is in love with another woman. Montaño has a gift for making readers care deeply about her characters: Amy and Tanner will win readers’ hearts, and Vassur, who still misses his beloved wife decades after she died at the hands of his sworn enemy, is an irresistible lead. An electric series of startling twists, the unraveling of the deadly war between Vassur and the Gregarians, and a nail-biting, satisfying finale make this a must-read. Along the way, Montaño delves into universal themes of family bonds and loyalty, love, passion, and revenge. Urban fantasy lovers are in for a treat.

Nearing Dawn: Nothing Can Stop Fated Love

(The Eternal Dawn Trilogy Book 2)

By Elizabeth Montaño

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Pub date May 4, 2019

ISBN 978-1096768135

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $0.99 Kindle edition

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