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Untamed: A Beautiful Nightmare Story by L.C. Son

Enchanting from start to finish…

Son continues her A Beautiful Nightmare series with this deeply engrossing blend of darkness and intrigue. It’s been twenty years since the devastating, all-consuming fire destroyed New Orleans, and Chartreuse Grenoble watched her sister Calida burn at the stakes for claims of witchcraft. Life for Chartreuse has never been the same since then. With a weak-minded mother playing at the hands of her lover, Chartreuse has no option but to fend for herself. When the enigmatic, pure blood Altrinion-Vampire, Dalcour Marchand finally rescues Chartreuse from her devastating situation, she has no idea fate has something else in store for her. Son is skillful at inventing entirely convincing and intricate situations for her leads. Chartreuse, with her determination and perseverance shines through and through. Complex plot unfolds around Chartreuse as her increasingly devastating situation makes her realize that she can’t rely on others always. The endearing, magnanimous Dalcour makes for a gutsy, admirable protagonist. Other characters are equally convincing. Written with verve and expertise, the novel weaves in complex themes of class and racial disparity, sexual and physical abuse, violence, misogyny, family ties, friendship, self-discovery, duty, and revenge. The characters’ backstories are skillfully integrated, and the growing bond between Chartreuse and Dalcour is full of heart and emotions. With prose that alternates between stark simplicity and profound emotional intensity, Son has created a believable fantasy world where vampires are thoroughly humane and true friendships endure. Readers who like their urban fantasy multilayered and intricate with a tint of darkness to it, will be gratified.


A Beautiful Nightmare Story

By L.C. Son

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Pub date July 27, 2021

ISBN 9781733650366

Price $22.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

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