On the Trail of the Unseen (On the Trail, book 3) by Lynne Armstrong-Jones

A smart, gripping, and skillfully constructed novel of fantasy..

The rich worldbuilding, slow-burning romance, and a fantastic cast of fully fleshed-out characters mark this exciting third installment in the On the Trail series by Armstrong-Jones. A mysterious illness is spreading, wreaking havoc in people’s lives. Creda, the new Witch of the Great East Wood, must join hands with the sorcerers if she wants to find a cure for the disease. Armstrong-Jones conjures up an atmospheric world populated with humans, witches, and sorcerers fighting an unseen enemy. The book is told in alternating chapters delving into various characters’ stories. Balancing the shift with ease, Armstrong-Jones explores the characters’ environments and struggles. Nico and Veras’s parts are flowing and straightforward. Creda and Giever’s sections have more depth and substance. The leisurely opening soon intensifies, turning into intriguing action and a thrilling, heartening climax. Against a backdrop of uncertainty, gloom, and challenges, the protagonists try their best as they face life-or-death choices. The world ridden with the mysterious pandemic is a dark, appalling world: there is chaos, fear, danger, hostility, and distrust. But there is also hope, solidarity, deep love, romance, and friendship as a vast array of characters come together to fight the pandemic. Creda and Xyron’s romantic chemistry is delicious and Nico and Veras’s bond pure. Between descriptions of the population marred by the fast-spreading illness and the group’s relentless efforts to find a cure, Armstrong-Jones gives her protagonists enough time to reflect on life’s unavoidable ups and downs. Readers will wait eagerly for the next installment. A definite winner.

On the Trail of the Unseen

(On the Trail, book 3)

By Lynne Armstrong-Jones

Coming soon

Categories: Fantasy

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