The Wand (The Madigan Chronicles #3) by Marieke Lexmond

A spectacular supernatural fantasy that’s hard to put down…

Lexmond continues her The Madigan Chronicles series with this exciting and complex third installment with memorable characters, standout action, and riveting worldbuilding. Trying to find a balance between the Keeper of the Land in Fairy and being human, Ceri is almost at her wits end: Bert is finding it hard to put his trust back in her, and Emily is getting entangled in Mab’s web. Meanwhile, Maeve is still struggling to come to terms with her true self. While Bridget is right on the path to mend her broken relationship with Maeve and Luna, she’s unsure of accepting responsibility from Tara. But with the original dagger in the family’s possession, Bridget knows, she must rethink her decision. Lexmond’s storytelling is deeply entertaining, and the pace remains fast. She sketches her well-developed supernatural world with verve and intelligence, drawing readers deep into it, and she has a gift for characterization: Bridget’s relatable struggle over whether she should take the responsibility from Tara connects directly with Maeve’s inner turmoil. The other characters jump off the pages. Lexmond skillfully places her likable characters within a complex and fascinating world in which magic and mayhem merges with individual struggles and family drama to form a spectacular tale of supernatural intrigue, pulling readers deep into the layered drama. Nicole Ruijgrok’s vivid illustrations beautifully complement the storyline. A spellbinding paranormal fantasy that will delight and satisfy fans while leaving them clamoring for the next book in the trilogy.

The Wand

(The Madigan Chronicles #3)

By Marieke Lexmond (Author), Nicole Ruijgrok (Illustrator)

Coming soon

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