The Moonchild (The Moondial Book 1) by David M Cameron

A captivating, sweetly exotic tale that’s hard to put down…

Cameron’s brilliantly crafted, marvelously told YA fantasy, the first in The Moondial series, introduces an appealing young protagonist caught up in a wonderfully complicated ancient conflict. Orphaned at fifteen, Peter Calender is dreading his move to a foster home in Birmingham. But an unfortunate incident sends Peter to a strange world where magic is real, monsters exist, and death and destruction wait at every corner. When he meets the lovely Nightjar, he learns as the last Calender, he is the one who will deliver the seven worlds from the sinister Fell Craven. With the balance of the world hanging in his hands, Peter must do everything in his power to restore the laws that govern the seven worlds. Blurring the lines between science fiction, fantasy, and fairy tale, Cameron’s fluid narrative skillfully immerses readers in his richly crafted fantasy world. The characters, particularly Peter, Nightjar, and Ravenscort come alive in readers’ minds as they strategize their way out of one precarious situation after another while struggling with their inner demons. Fell Craven and Gorn remain thoroughly formidable villains. Expertly interspersing vivid action sequences with the characters’ backstories, Cameron guides the reader through this winding, well-crafted saga. Along the way, he weaves in themes of friendship, solidarity, courage, second chances, perseverance, duty, greed, and control. The novel, with its engrossing storyline and captivating fantasy landscape combined with a realistic characterization makes for a page-turner. Readers both young and old will be enthralled.

The Moonchild

(The Moondial Book 1)

By David M Cameron

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Pub date December 17, 2017

ISBN 978-1973553588

Price $7.71 (USD) Paperback, $1.04 Kindle edition

Categories: YA

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  1. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Play, Some Silly Things We Did as Children and as Adults. – David M Cameron

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