Salem Ropes: A Novel Inspired by the True Story of the Haunted Ropes Mansion by Joseph C. Gioconda

Vivid, chilling, propulsive… Absolutely un-put-downable.

In his exhilarating latest, Gioconda traces the history of Ropes House in Salem, taking readers into the intriguing world of dark magic, witchcraft, sinister conspiracies, and deadly betrayals. George Lawson, a recovering alcoholic and a highly successful electrical engineer, buys Ropes Mansion, the centuries-old Georgian colonial in Salem, on a whim, uprooting his family of three from Chicago to Salem. But the house has a tragic history, with most of its earlier occupants dead under mysterious circumstances. Fascinated with the place’s haunted past, George soon finds himself entangled in a dark web of occult horror. Gioconda is excellent at making George and Giselle’s complex dynamic and mix of emotions plausible and painful, while capturing the intricacies of marriage and relationships. He layers much emotion into each tension-filled twist as he deepens the mystery around the mansion. The expert plotting and pacing keep the reader invested, and George’s gradual descent into madness is depicted vividly as he struggles to unravel Tituba’s role in the unfortunate tragedies that seem to follow the residents of the Ropes Mansion. Gioconda writes with wit and passion about the city of Salem, with its bewitching history, and his eloquent prose and assured storytelling elevate the plot further. Interspersed with gripping chapters focused on George’s search for truth are extracts from Professor Christopher’s dissertation about Ropes Mansion’s dark history that offer some tantalizing insights into the house’s past. This cleverly plotted novel offers sophisticated, genuine surprises, chilling action, and a refreshing take on the haunted house theme. This whopper of a gritty thriller should win Gioconda plenty of fans.

Salem Ropes

A Novel Inspired by the True Story of the Haunted Ropes Mansion

By Joseph C. Gioconda

Coming soon

Salem Ropes 

By Joseph C. Gioconda

Coming soon

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