Pickles by Tru Faith (Author), Daniel Majan (Illustrator)

A gentle picture book that celebrates the joy to be found in God’s love…

Accessible text and tender drawings distinguish little Oliver’s story about Christian baptism and God in this smoothly conceived picture book by Faith. Oliver, a young cucumber, lives with his cucumber family in a small rural town where most people know everyone. Oliver often wonders about pickles who are different from cucumbers the way they smell and are devoted to God. The more he learns about pickles, the easier it becomes for him to make a decision about choosing his life path. But will his parents approve of his decision? Faith smartly presents pickles as the Christians whereas cucumbers are portrayed as the non-Christian residents of the town. Faith skillfully infuses substantial religious convictions into the age-appropriate prose, using kid-friendly language to point to the process of Christian baptism, and her matter-of-fact, unassuming, warm tone keeps young readers invested. The Cucumber family’s story progresses seamlessly as it moves from character to character, and Faith creates some minor conflicting moments to keep readers’ interest alive. The transcendent power of true faith and God’s love remains at the heart of the story. Oliver’s journey of accepting God’s love and his transformation is convincing, and Daniel Majan’s brightly colored illustrations are pleasant to eyes. Underneath Faith’s simple story about Oliver’s transformation lays sophisticated theology about devotion of true faith and love of God. Young readers will be enthralled by Oliver’s story, and parents looking to introduce their small children to the process of baptism will find this book extremely informative.


By Tru Faith (Author), Daniel Majan (Illustrator)

PageTurner Press and Media

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Pub date September 25, 2020


Price $3.14 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.26 Paperback

Categories: Children's Fiction

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