Brave by Kathleen Davis

Lively and imaginative…

A young child discovers his inner superhero and learns to fight the monsters at night in this engrossing bedtime story by Davis. The little protagonist is scared of bedtime. Why? Because there are scary monsters who come to visit once the night approaches. The only way to fight the monsters is to awaken the superhero within. Davis serves up engrossing rhyme, and her simple, straightforward narrative adheres to young children’s sense of logic as her little protagonist discovers his inner power and finally becomes brave enough to scare the monsters away. Rekha Salin’s pretty, brightly colored illustrations are a visual treat with their dreamlike, descriptive quality. This endearing story both soothes and posits that any child can become brave—all they need is a reminder that they have a super hero in them. Impressive in its illustrations and text, this book will easily capture the attention of the very young.


By Kathleen Davis

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Pub date December 4, 2020

Reading age 1 – 8 years

ISBN 978-1736113202

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $15.99 Hardcover

Categories: Children's Fiction, Short Reviews

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