Wacky On The Junk by Kathy Varner

whacky on the junk


A witty, candid memoir…

Varner’s hilarious debut memoir is a charmingly quirky amalgamation of the wrong food choices and erratic mood swings. In a funny, conversational style, Varner narrates her life story as she reflects on her early childhood, her unconventional upbringing, turbulent adolescence, bumpy adulthood, and how she has steered her career, motherhood, and relationship struggles. The reader can sense a deep vulnerability about the negative body image hidden under Varner’s adolescent riot-girl persona. With wit and humor, Varner relays her experiences with substance abuse and self-sabotage during her adolescence and early adulthood years. Her recovery happens after she makes drastic life-style changes and removes sugar, dairy, and gluten from her diet. She advises readers to disdain junk foods high on sugar and carbohydrates. A charming, spirited coming-of-age story that’s filled with both sad and side-splitting funny moments.


Wacky On The Junk

by Kathy Varner

Buy now

Belle Isle Books

Pub date March 31, 2020

ISBN 9781912732838

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback


Categories: Non Fiction, Short Reviews

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