Whale Rock by Diana Plater

Whale Rock .jpg

A warmhearted, deeply intriguing drama…

A small, cozy cafe in Sydney stands at the center of plater’s tale as it becomes a visiting space for various protagonists in this brilliantly crafted, poignant story. Shannon, the owner of a small seaside café, is barely trying to survive after losing her unborn child to a premature delivery. Newly separated from her husband, Shannon has only her son’s weekend visits to look forward to until she becomes entangled in a case of negligent death after a laborer dies on a construction site. Plater skillfully handles the tightly constructed plot, expertly exploring the stories of her varied protagonists as she infuses new life into the well-used plot device of illegal immigrants trying to escape their horrible past and prevailing issues of racism and hate crimes in multicultural countries. As the story progresses, the reader realizes that the story is much more than a woman’s journey to finding meaning in life; it is a well-crafted mixture of exploration of life with in-depth analysis of different cultures and an indictment of immigration policy of wealthy developed nations. Protagonists’ past is revealed in a series of flashbacks throughout the narrative. Plater’s prose is both crisp and polished, her narrative engrossing, and the setting of the Australian city has abundant appeal. Each of the novel’s characters inhabit a vivid, convincing private world and come together by their shared haunting past, as they get introduced to ideas outside their own existence. With its deeply engrossing storyline, the book will appeal equally to lovers of women’s fiction and literary fiction.


Whale Rock

by Diana Plater

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MoshPit Publishing

Pub date March 29, 2019


Price $7.07 (USD) Kindle edition, $19.95 Paperback

Categories: Fiction, Women's fiction

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