Guesthouse for Ganesha by Judith Teitelman

Guesthouse for gnesha.jpeg

A poignant story of love, loss, and survival…

Set against the backdrop of the European Holocaust, Teitelman’s impressive book displays her penchant for revealing the darker side of the human heart. It is 1923 when seventeen-year-old Esther Grünspan arrives in Köln after a heartbreak and sets on to find a refuge against the world. A loveless marriage, three unwanted children, and a life of hardships fail to make her forget her dream of finding a sanctuary. Esther’s heartbreak casts a long shadow over the book’s major theme, in which Esther with her hardened heart is unable to form a bond with anyone. Seeing Esther navigate through the war-torn Europe using her cunning and shrewdness along with her masterful tailoring skills is pure pleasure. Her fortitude and relentless determination make her a worthy protagonist. The book presents both literal and metaphoric embodiments of Hinduism, as the Hindu God Ganesha accompanies Esther throughout her travails. A must read!


Guesthouse for Ganesha

by Judith Teitelman

She Writes Press

Buy now

Pub date May 7, 2019

ISBN 9781631525216

Price $12.16 (USD) Paperback, $7.53 Kindle edition


Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews

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