Scooter Nation, Unapologetic Lives Series Book 2 by A.B. Funkhauser

Scooter Nation eBook Cover  Large.jpg


Brilliant… A must read.

With a captivating prose, an excellent characterization, and her ability to revitalize the most mundane events with paramount implications, Funkhauser delivers her second book in the Unapologetic Lives series with an extra oomph. Funeral directors Scooter Creighton and Carla Blue from Heuer Lost and Found are in for a surprise after Jocasta Binns, their adversary, takes over operations of the funeral home and announces profound changes. Egged on by Alma Wurtz, the neighborhood bully, the duo finds themselves in the middle of an unthinkable situation as they battle conflicting values, city by-laws, and neighborhood gang. The book’s satirical tone complements Funkhauser’s tight focus on the social and the mundane. With its engrossing narrative, stunning premise, and wry humor, Scooter Nation makes for a rewarding read. Thoroughly captivating.


Scooter Nation, Unapologetic Lives Series Book 2

by A.B. Funkhauser

Buy now

Out of My Head Publishing

PUB DATE May 27th 2019

ISBN 9781999089313

PRICE $7.99 (USD)


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