The Secret Life of Mrs. London by Rebecca Rosenberg



Clever, eloquent, intimate, and emotionally revealing, The Secret Life of Mrs. London introduces a brilliant novelist in Rebecca Rosenberg…

In this fascinating read, Rebecca Rosenberg explores American novelist Jack London and his wife Charmian London’s seemingly made-in-heaven marriage. Love in its ideal form comprise a meeting of minds as well as bodies, and though the couple is blissfully in love—insecurities, jealousy, and secrets ripple through their ideal relationship and threaten to destroy it. Unraveling layers of the couple’s life—from Jack’s dependence on Charmian to his careless disregard for her literary work—from Charmian’s internal quest for self-discovery to her occasional digressions and her hopeless love for Jack, Rosenberg paints an immensely intriguing portrait of a marriage and tells it in an accomplished lyrical prose that captures each moment with poetic intensity.


The Secret Life of Mrs. London

by Rebecca Rosenberg

Lake Union Publishing

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PUB DATE January 30, 2018

ISBN 9781542048736

PRICE $10.37 (USD)



Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews

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