Black, White, and Gray All Over: A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement by Frederick Douglass Reynolds

Vivid and persuasive… Rich in history and humanity

Reynolds, whose career as a cop and detective in Compton, CA—a.k.a. “Hub City” for 32 years is marked by numerous commendations and awards, recounts stories of his own life and career and his fellow officers while delving into the candid history of the city of Compton’s gang violence, crack epidemic, and legacy of government corruption in this defiant memoir that probes, racism, police brutality, integrity, resilience, and redemption. Born into a poverty-ridden family to an alcoholic father and a sharp-tongued mother in rural Virginia, Reynolds faced relentless bullying at school because of his gifted IQ, which enabled him to skip grades and start high school at the age of twelve. Trying to escape the chaos of his home life, Reynolds becomes friends with a neighborhood kid who introduced him to the gang life of Compton. Soon, Reynolds and his friends were neck-deep in theft, robberies, and vandalism. Arrests, jail, juvenile time followed. By that time, Reynold’s mother’s corporal punishment, which included beatings with belts, extension cords, and broomsticks stopped working on him. But everything changed after Reynolds decided to join Infantry at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. Though he was denied re-enlistment later because of his disciplinary record, he had a wife to take care of and knew he must find a stable job. He found work at Greyhound as a janitor and a second job as a security guard at a security company and eventually went on to work with the city of Compton as a security guard. But that was just the beginning for this remarkable man’s journey to becoming a renowned cop and detective in Compton, California. An honest, hard-working officer, Reynolds continuously dealt with gang wars, senseless brutal murders, drugs and human trafficking in a city ridden with crime and bloodshed, sometimes encountering deeply rooted racial prejudice and overcoming tremendous obstacles. Readers will revel in Reynolds’s no-holds-barred recount of the history of the city of Compton’s gang violence, drugs, and bureaucratic corruption as well as his insights about police brutality, racism, the daily pressures, and the demonization of cops that started as a reaction to the abuses committed during the war on drugs. Anyone curious about the truthful and unembellished perspective of a police officer or what it means to be a Black cop in this era of political correctness and Black Lives Matter will be captivated by this candid work. Simply outstanding.

Black, White, and Gray All Over

A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement

By Frederick Douglass Reynolds

MindStir Media

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Pub date October 12, 2021

ISBN  979-8985010442

Price $24.99 (USD) Hardcover, $16.99 Paperback, $6.79 Kindle edition

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