Passionate, violent, and sexy… A thrilling dark ride.

Diamante makes his debut with this exhilarating tale of love and darkness. Trying to flee two sinister cults, Daemiana is seeking a cure for her lycanthropy. When she meets feckless Caelin, a spark of attraction flies immediately, but trusting a complete stranger is entirely another matter. However, to stay alive, Daemiana must takes Caelin’s help. Diamante’s prose is crisp, and readers will quickly find themselves immersed in his vivid, supernatural world. Daemiana’s journey to survival unravels at a measured pace, and Readers will be on the edge of their seats witnessing Caelin’s struggles with Daemiana’s trust issue. The narrative acquires depth and intrigue after the duo finds themselves face to face with the vicious cults. A dash of erotica, horror, and action and adventure adds to the intrigue, with Diamante adeptly incorporating themes of trauma, violence, trust, betrayal, revenge, and redemption into the affecting account. With its flesh-and-blood, multilayered characters, measured pacing, and scrupulous detail, the novel makes for a page-turner. Fans of dark fantasy will be gratified.



By Ed Diamante

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Pub date October 18, 2021

ISBN 9781737938606

Price $16.99 (USD) Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback, $2.99

Categories: Horror, Urban fantasy

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