Guardian (Legacy Trilogy Book 2) by Mark J Cannon

A twisty page-turner…

Cannon’s second installment in the Legacy Trilogy is marked with taut pacing and complicated characters as the O’Connells come face to face with another psychopathic villain who would go to any length to realize his sinister motive. It’s been twelve years since Sara O’Connell’s husband, Jacob, died under mysterious circumstances. Trying to leave the memories of the sinister Jonathan Vargas’s evil games behind, Sara is ready to begin afresh in the west coast with her grown children, Mary and Ben. But Dylan, Jonathan’s son, is possessed by the same malevolence that consumed his father. The O’Connells must prepare themselves for a deadly face-off. Cannon layers his story with hidden depths, expertly mining the O’Connells’ continuous struggles and Dylan’s perverted sense of vengeance. As the novel progresses, the tension in the story heightens, with the protagonists struggling to confront questions of whether they can ever truly prepare themselves for the approaching danger or if they can always keep part of themselves hidden away. Cannon’s fast-paced narrative places readers right in the middle of the vibrant west coast. Relentless twists avoid predictability, and the expert combination of supernatural and mystery keep the pages flying. Ben’s guardian abilities are at the dark heart of an unfolding vengeance drama that will leave readers reeling. Part mystery and part paranormal fiction, the story is ripe both with anticipation and emotion, and the satisfying ending with a cliffhanger successfully sets the stage for the series finale. Dark and moody, the novel makes for a thoroughly engrossing read. Lovers of supernatural mysteries will want to take a look.


(Legacy Trilogy Book 2)

By Mark J Cannon

Coming soon

Categories: Paranormal/Supernatural

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3 replies

  1. Can’t wait, I’ll be buying this book for sure Mark . The book Able Hands was absolutely fabulous!

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  2. Looking forward to reading your new book.

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  3. I read Guardian I think it is a really good book.
    Marks writing is improving with each book that is published.
    A true Canadian author and great work in progress.
    Hard to wait for book #3 coming soon.


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