Tau Ceti (Forgotten Colony #1) by Rodzil LaBraun

Thrilling and enjoyable… A propulsive adventure.

Set in far future, LaBraun’s debut installment in the Forgotten Colony series is an engrossing blend of SF and magic. Kenzo Jaxson, the security incharge for the excursion team in Sol-Rey, is little wary of their mission when his team lands on Tau Ceti Four, an isolated colony left on its own for more than a century. As the team begins its excursion, Kenzo realizes he needs to face his inner demons first. LaBraun vividly details his SF world, from individual attributes and advanced technology to intermittent sprinklings of the Tau Ceti Four’s fascinating mix of the ancient Middle East desert life and medieval town communities. He adeptly handles his large cast of characters and subplots, with separate storylines linking with each other by the end. The unique blend of fantasy with a typical space opera is both clever and entertaining. Richly developed and profound, the novel does an admirable job of presenting the archetypal story of an unlikely hero struggling with inner turmoil and confusion. Lovers of fast-paced, action-packed space adventure will be greatly rewarded.

Tau Ceti

(Forgotten Colony #1)

By Rodzil LaBraun

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Pub date June 29, 2021

ISBN ‎ 979-8528814513

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.87 Kindle edition

Categories: Science Fiction

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