Lily…Laura by Carol Di Prima

A powerful and tender tale…

Imaginative prose and sharply drawn characters elevate the intriguing, original premise in Di Prima’s marvelous middle-grade drama. Someone is spreading malicious rumors about Jonathan Stephens. Twelve-year-old Laura Stephens is determined to get to the truth of the matter and protect her father’s image. But what begins as a simple quest to find the culprit behind the rumors turns into a high-stakes game of wit and magic. Di Prima’s prose is potent and crisp, and she beautifully captures the young protagonist’s struggles with her self-doubts, fears, and guilt. Laura, with her sensibility and keen sensitivity makes for an endearing heroine. Lily is equally convincing. A sense of enchantment pervades the narrative, and the skillfully infused themes of bullying, adolescent drama, family ties, friendship, and the importance of overcoming one’s fears and staying determined make this immaculately crafted and inspiring piece of magical realism a must-read. Middle graders as well as YA and adult readers will be rewarded.


By Carol Di Prima

Page Publishing, Inc

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Pub date October 29, 2020

ISBN 978-1662432569

Price $23,95 (USD) Hardcover, $13,95 Paperback, $8.13 Kindle edition

Categories: Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Short Reviews

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