Little Tree’s Big Dream: A Christmas Story by M J Albert

A reflective, sweet read…

Albert takes readers on the heartfelt journey of a little tree who longs to see the world beyond the forest. Little Tree is a Douglas fir with soft, flat green needles and big dreams. Growing in the forest, it aches to see more of the world. When a little boy picks it as the Christmas tree for his home, it seems the Little Tree’s dream of seeing the big wide world is about to come true.  Albert has crafted a well-imagined book, and in the Little Tree, he has created a protagonist who despite being a tiny tree is capable of reflecting layers of emotional meaning. The ending is heartfelt and satisfactory, and Sakshi Mangal’s illustrations are warm and textured. The narrative is best suited for read-aloud. Little Tree’s big dream, the meaningful ending, and the story’s core concept—that seeing a dream and pursuing it despite the cost—makes it a welcoming, engrossing bedtime read.

Little Tree’s Big Dream: A Christmas Story

By M J Albert (Author), Sakshi Mangal (Illustrations)

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Pub date December 18, 2020

ISBN 9781525561542

Price $6.76 (USD) paperback, $6.07 Kindle edition, $15.48 Hardcover

Categories: Children's Fiction, Short Reviews

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