Driftless (Waldwick #3) by Kenneth Linde

Excellently crafted, incredible detailed…

Linde explores age-old questions about marriage, family, and individual rights in this engrossing third installment in the Waldwick series. Fifteen years into their marriage, and Amy is feeling the disquiet of a marriage gone stale. Being married into a privileged family, George’s priorities are slightly different when it comes to their relationship woes. He needs to prove himself to the world first, and in doing so he is losing his momentum. Amidst a family tragedy, the couple must sort out their priorities and achieve a balance. In energetic prose, Linde tackles themes of self-discovery, spiritualism, marriage, relationships, family ties, individual rights and struggles, and the terminally ill patients’ right to experimentation drugs among other.  Linde’s characterization is top notch, the dialogue sharp, and the pacing flows nicely. A series of indelible portraits evokes the Ho-Chunk Nation, its historic accounts and fables imbued with familiar themes of racial and class disparity, repression, faith, resilience, and freedom. George of Little Spirit has come a long way from being a young student of journalism struggling to navigate love and life to a driven businessman of Driftless. All too aware of the significant role that he is expected to play as Little Spirit, George yearns to understand his own part in the greater scheme of things. Only when he learns to let go and be comfortable with what is happening in his world, he achieves an absolute state of mindfulness. Linde has delivered an intellectual treasure chest cleverly disguised as a historical fiction. 


Waldwick #3

By Kenneth Linde

Waldwick Partners Incorporated

Coming Soon

ISBN 9781645166542

Categories: Coming-of-age, Fiction, Historical fiction

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