Cultivated Abundance: How We Can Build A Better Future through Transformative Technology Entrepreneurship by Mihir Pershad

cultivated abundance

A cogent and compelling study…

The serial entrepreneur Pershad offers hard-earned business advice to build startups that can fundamentally change the world through a breezy and thoroughly convincing compendium of advice. Drawing from his own experience of working as a serial entrepreneur in healthcare and agri-food sectors as well many interviews with successful businesspeople in cellular agriculture industry, nonprofit advocacy groups, researchers, investors, and science communicators, Pershad distills lessons for aspiring founders, including tips on how to solve humanity’s most challenging problems with transformative technology. Beginning with the basics of transformative technologies and significance of “watershed moments”, he discusses the cellular agriculture as a powerful tool for change with emphasis on both seafood and terrestrial agriculture: cultured meat, dairy, eggs, and beyond human foods among others. The key here is developing a strategic plan once the problem is identified and solved and work on the first principles instead of solely relying on external proxies for success with transformative technologies. Pershad builds a compelling guide for the aspiring entrepreneurs.


Cultivated Abundance

How We Can Build A Better Future through Transformative Technology Entrepreneurship

By Mihir Pershad

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Pub date July 27, 2020


Price $0.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $17.99 Paperback

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