Roland’s Path: (Heirs of Vanity #1) by R.J. Hanson

Roland's path.jpg


Exquisitely written and swiftly paced, this coming-of-age YA fantasy is a definite page-turner…

Hanson creates a complex and layered world of mighty warriors, fierce gods, dishonorable elves, powerful dwarves, and shadowy wizards in this first installment of Heirs of Vanity series. Trying to prove himself worthy in his father’s eyes, seventeen-year-old Roland is devastated when two prisoners, the servants of evil, escape from the jail during his watch. With the help of his best friend Eldryn and the third prisoner, a dagger wielding cutpurse, Roland sets on to capture the prisoners. Critical events unfold as the duo makes new allies and battles formidable enemies. While the story starts on a simple note, momentum and tension build as Hanson introduces a multitude of intriguing characters and a horde of twists. The book is simultaneously a story of self-discovery and adventure fantasy filled with intriguing milieus, action-packed battle scenes, and killings of ferocious beasts; Hanson skillfully blends Roland’s uncertainty and unexpected bravery as the teen conquers his occasional self-doubts and becomes a man; magical forces and fearsome figures lurk throughout the story as it builds in complexity and intensity. Hanson’s accomplished writing and expertise at creating intense situations is one of his strong points. The satisfying open-ended culmination sets things up nicely for the next installment. With Hanson’s fresh take on the well-worn setting and his knack for creating unceasing twists, this tale makes for a non-stop, entertaining fantasy adventure. YA fantasy lovers will gobble it up with gratification.


Roland’s Path:

(Heirs of Vanity #1)

by R.J. Hanson

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Pub date March 22, 2019


Price $.99 (USD)


Categories: Fantasy, YA

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