Criminal Beware (The Lykanos Chronicles Book 1) by Joseph Stone


Highly intriguing and gripping…

Stone’s entertaining first installment in The Lykanos Chronicles series set in the 1920s San Diego finds young and ambitious Daniel Archer trying to adjust to his new identity in a city which is rocked by brutal serial killings. Daniel Archer is a young, striving hotel executive who gets transferred to his company’s San Diego office from Manhattan. Wary of his new surroundings, Daniel meets the young and wealthy widow Gabrielle Roussade and strange things start happening to him. Struggling to understand changes within himself, Daniel finds himself drawn into a murder investigation. Daniel and Gabrielle are interesting characters, and Stone develops their relationship subtly and convincingly. With its atmospheric setting, the book takes the reader from the Spanish Colonial revival in Mission Hills and the grand Italianate villa to the marvelous U.S. Grant Hotel on Broadway. A few prominent historical figures also make an appearance in the story. Stone leads readers slowly through a murder investigation to a paranormal shift and neatly ties up all the loose ends, revealing Daniel’s newfound abilities toward the end. The first two-third of the book is heavy on mystery, but Stone’s sudden shift of the story after he introduces the paranormal twist will feel like a betrayal to some mystery lovers as the mystery element gets sidelined in the story. Nonetheless, the depth and passion of Stone’s debut won’t disappoint paranormal historical fiction aficionados who love their stories with a diverse set of sparkling casts, an intriguing narrative, and a strong sense of place.


Criminal Beware

(The Lykanos Chronicles Book 1)

by Joseph Stone

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Silver Lion Publishing

Pub Date October 1, 2019


Price $3.74 (USD)

Categories: Historical fiction, Mystery, Paranormal/Supernatural

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