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Humanity by Emily Estrada Oliva

Craggy and complex…

For forty years, the Council has kept everything under control. But when the young Kai Hiragate threatens to expose the Council’s reality to Reality C-1, the members of the Council know they must find a way to keep Kai in control. But despite his young age, Kai is not the one to be caged. And Harper Lee, who’s assigned Kai’s case, doesn’t know how to fail. The narrative feels scattered, with too much emphasis on the characters’ internal monologue, making it difficult to concentrate on the main storyline. But Oliva is good when it comes to sketching rich, multifaceted characters. She juggles Kai’s interactions with others with ease while effortlessly infusing various other characters’ backstories into the narrative. A hint of sinisterness in the atmosphere, secret conspiracies, and the mystery behind Kai’s condition keep the reader invested. There are plenty of nail-biting moments and shocking revelations. Readers who can look beyond scattered prose will enjoy this thrilling ride.


By Emily Estrada Oliva

Platinum Wings LLC

Coming soon

Pub date August 26, 2021

ISBN 9871736778418

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