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Hush Now, Don’t Cry by Maggie Casteen

A sharp, observant, and intelligent thriller…

Pitting the feisty Kathy Hamilton against a ruthless killer, Casteen’s finely crafted suspense thriller is crammed with brutal killings, insanity, and intrigue. Kathy is back in Rosemount, seeking work as an investigator. When Bailey Clark, a local defense attorney, hires Kathy, the latter is more than happy to work on a new murder case. But as Kathy Begins to look closely, shocking revelations come to surface, pointing to a sinister mind at work. The mystery at the heart of the plot is intriguing, and Casteen tosses in plenty of curveballs while skillfully using thriller tropes to heighten the tension as the story builds to its satisfying ending. She juggles her characters’ interpersonal dynamic with ease while effortlessly tracing the evolution of Kathy’s character. The intricate plotting and fully developed characters keep the reader invested. The expert combination of immersive prose and the expertly executed plot makes for a memorable experience. Fans of nail-biting suspense thrillers will want to take a look.

Hush Now, Don’t Cry

By Maggie Casteen


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Pub date May 25, 2021

ISBN 9781098379452

Price $19.45 (USD) Paperback

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