We Never Knew Just What it Was … The Story of the Chad Mitchell Trio by Mike Murphey

A blazing, affectionate tale of missed opportunities, personal struggles, and bitter conflicts…

Murphey takes readers back to the age of the 1960s folk era in this sweet latest. A biography at heart, the book focuses on the trio’s journey from anonymity to stardom and their shifting relationships as Chad splits up from the band and goes his separate way. Murphey covers everything—from the carefree, fun days of Gonzaga University to their journey to success that begins in New York, with their first recording contract, followed by a frantic routine of rehearsals, recording sessions, nightclubs and concerts, their split in 1965, and their memorable reunion in Spokane decades later. The trio is thoroughly likeable, but they’re more interesting for their flaws, particularly Chad, with his vibrant energy, stage presence, and occasional delinquencies. Mike’s cautious nature and ambition are sure to entrance any music lover. The utterly sweet Joe remains an interesting character throughout. The legendary John Denver doesn’t get much space in the trio’s story but leaves a lasting impression nonetheless. Murphey evokes the 1960s eclectic music scene with skill and conviction, expertly capturing the band’s raw, infectious energy. Readers will gladly immerse themselves in Murphey’s rich and complex tale of hopes, dreams, and complicated relationships.

We Never Knew Just What it Was … The Story of the Chad Mitchell Trio

By Mike Murphey

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  1. It has been an unalloyed pleasure as well as an undiluted delight for me to read, review and renew
    some of the fondest memories of my being responsible for organizing and transporting the Chad Mitchell Trio to New York in my 1956 Ford.. I am now 92 years old and can still do everything I could do at 90.

    My anemic memory is presenting a few problems, but I’ll never forget this as a major achievement
    in my life as the mystery continues

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