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My Famous Brain by Diane Wald

A compelling, challenging, and utterly gripping tale…

In this evocative, and at times rueful tale, Wald draws readers deep into one man’s journey to forgiveness, acceptance, and redemption. Jack MacLeod looks back on his life after his early death, taking readers into interrelated tales of his early childhood and teen years as an intellectually gifted child participating in a research study and his successful career as a clinical psychologist and university professor. Struggling with a major life-threatening illness and his unhappy marriage, Jack meets Eliza, one of his students, and embarks on a brief but life-altering affair. His intimate relationship with a colleague brings him face to face with Wally Mussel, the head of the psychology department and a dreadful bully, who finds pleasure in making others’ life a living hell. Jack takes it upon himself to set the man straight. Wald fills her imaginative tale with splendid language and convincing romantic complications. The academic world of the New Jersey college is vividly drawn, and the petty politics the members of the staff unwittingly become a part of is authentic and palpable. Wald’s prose is lush, and she beautifully humanizes her characters, particularly Jack, detailing his restless childhood as a gifted child, extended bouts of boredom as he moves from one interest to another throughout his teens and young adult years, his extramarital affairs, his endearing friendship with Donald Rath, and risky approach to his deteriorating health. Evocative philosophical questions reveal Wald’s powers, as Jack comes to terms with his own failures and also finds acceptance and forgiveness in his heart. Gripping and deep, Jack’s story not only speaks to the reader’s head but also their heart. Wald is an author to watch.

My Famous Brain

By Diane Wald

She Writes Press

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Pub date October 5, 2021

ISBN 9781647422059

Price $16.95 (USD) Paperback, $8.12 Kindle edition

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