They Will Be Coming for Us by Kim Catanzarite

Nuanced and compelling… Thoroughly addictive.

A convoluted plot, excellent worldbuilding, and relentless suspense mark this excellent SF thriller, the first in the Jovian Duology, by debut author Catanzarite. It’s love at first sight for the lovely Svetlana Peterman when she meets the handsome Andrew Jovian, a young astronomer who works for Starbright International, the aerospace company his wealthy parents own. The couple soon gets married, making their home Kirksberg, Pennsylvania, a small-town famous for a UFO sighting that occurred in the 1960s. But soon, Andrew’s family begins to get on Svetlana’s nerves, with their prying behavior and strangeness. Unexpected pregnancy brings a ray of happiness in Svetlana’s life. But fate has other plans. Catanzarite sets a breakneck pace as Svetlana discovers dangerous secrets about the Jovians that will change her child’s fate forever. She creates tangible suspense throughout the deep and multilayered mystery, cleverly teasing out the characters’ desires and motivations, turning what at first appears to be a straightforward suspense tale into a gripping page-turner. The fully fleshed-out characters, especially Svetlana and Andrew, haunted by their own demons, leap off the pages. The sensitive portrayal of Svetlana’s anguish as a mother will resonate with many. The plot moves fast and the well-wrought worldbuilding details bring the ambiguity surrounding the quiet town of Ashbury Falls to life. High tension, abundance of intrigue, and shocking twists make the pages fly as the narrative builds to a climax which, though thoroughly satisfying, will leave readers eager for the next installment in the series. This is a stunner.

They Will Be Coming for Us

By Kim Catanzarite

Forster Publishing

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Pub date April 28, 2021

ISBN 978-1735952215

Price $18.00 (USD) Paperback, $4.99 Kindle edition

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