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The Second Law (Lynn Dayton Thrillers #3) by L.A. Starks



A brilliantly up-to-date thriller that entertains as well as educates….

L. A. Starks’ latest novel, the third in Lynn Dayton Thriller series is vividly up-to-date, involving global cybersecurity concerns and oil and energy politics. TriCoast Energy executive, the ever vigilant Lynn Dayton races to uncover a global conspiracy that threatens to disrupt the company’s oil refineries across various locations in the country while a shadowy Chinese group recruits dangerous people and works tirelessly to take over the American oil refineries’ operations for their own twisted reasons with the help of inside information from a TriCoast Energy employee. The chapters shift between different settings from New Orleans to California, Europe, and South America, and despite the author’s multiple focus in terms of settings and characters, the narrative is easy to follow. Starks is good at the details (the reader learns a lot about working of oil refineries), her narrative flows easily, and she writes crisp action scenes without much blood and violence. The pace of the book is fast, which keeps the reader hooked to the book. The characterization come out a little flat, but it’s expected with all the technical mumbo jumbo in case of techno thrillers. Among shifting locations and a large cast of characters, Starks proficiently builds suspense toward a tense, satisfying finale. Stark’s authoritative portrayal of the way things are done in the oil business brings the story to life and makes The Second Law a convincing, engrossing read. The science thriller fans will look forward to the next installment in the series.


The Second Law

(Lynn Dayton Thrillers #3)

by L.A. Starks

Nemaha Ridge Publishing Group LLC

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PUB DATE October 24, 2018

ISBN 9780991110742

PRICE $17.85 (USD)


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